Fabric roll wrapping and fabric packing machines.

Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine

The Automatic Roll Packing Machine (ST-ARPM) is designed to automatically wrap and vacuum seal fabric cloth rolls during textile manufacturing and finishing operations.

Range of Roll Width 900-1800mm 900-1800mm 1200-2400mm 1200-2400mm
Range of Roll Dia. 100-400mm 100-600mm 100-400mm 100-600mm
Packing Capacity 5-7 rolls/min 4-6 rolls/min 4-6 rolls/min 3-5 rolls/min
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4000x2700x2200mm 4300x2700x2400mm 4600x2700x2200mm 4900x2700x2400mm

Cardboard Bolt Packing Machine

The Fabric Cardboard Bolt Packing Machine (ST-CBPM) is used to pack cardboard bolts from the Double Folding & Lapping Machine, which is widely suitable for home textiles.

 Standard Packing Size 1100x450x150mm
Packing Material POF, Film width: 800mm, thickness: 13-30 microns
Packing Capacity 5-20 pcs/min
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2600x1050x1500mm
Compressed Air Pressure 5-7 bar