The Hydraulic Warp Beam Lift Truck (ST-HBT-01) is designed for lower beam transporting and loading into weaving looms. The carriage is equipped with rotating and suspended double wheels allowing heavy load capabilities while remaining easy to manually move around the floor.

Hydraulic Warp Beam TruckFeatures:

  • Dual steering by manual push/pull bar on both sides
  • Locking steering guide on left and right sides
  • Two steerable wheels and two guiding wheels
  • Wheels with ball bearings and thread protection caps
  • Lifting by hydraulic foot pedal and automatic quick lift.

Technical Specifications:

Carrying Capacity: 1000-2500kg
Beam Flange Diameter: 800-2500kg
Lifting Height: 700mm
Hydraulic Cylinders: 2
Hydraulic Unit: 1