Custom manufactured, high-quality harness frames for Dornier, Picanol, Sulzer, Tsudakoma, Somet, Vamatex, Toyota and other weaving looms. Manufactured custom to your specifications each and every time.

Harness Frames

Air-Jet/Rapier Frames

The standard Air-Jet/Rapier harness frames are designed for low-to-medium weaving speeds on most all types of air-jet and rapier looms like Dornier, Picanol, Tsudakoma, Toyota, Somet, and more. All profiles and end braces are extruded from high-strength, oxidized aluminum, and all frames are constructed to your exact specifications regarding dimensions, driving elements, corner connections, end brace profiles, heddle rods, nose guides and intermediate supports. Noise dampening and carbon fiber reinforcement options are also available.

Harness Frame


  • High-strength, oxidized aluminum profiles and end braces
  • Light-weight
  • Large view ports to allow heddle replacement
  • High-quality construction and durability

End Braces

End braces for the Air-Jet/Rapier harness frames are extruded from high-strength, oxidized aluminum. Depending on your requirements, end braces are available as U, L, or T profiles. *Steel end braces are also available.

Corner Connections

Air-Jet/Rapier harness frames are available with several types of corner connections between the frame profiles and the end braces.

  • Steel Heddle-type
  • Grob-type (old)
  • Grob-type (new)


Air-Jet/Rapier frame profiles are extruded from high-strength, oxidized aluminum, and are available in a range of sizes and combinations. Air-Jet/Rapier frame profiles have large view ports to allow for heddle replacement. Noise dampening and carbon fiber reinforcement options are also available.

Common Profile Size Options:

  • 96/9 mm
  • 120/9 mm
  • 140/9 mm
  • 150/9 mm
  • 155/9 mm
  • 120/11 mm

Intermediate Supports

Steel Intermediate Supports are available to reinforce Air-Jet/Rapier harness frames used in looms with wide weaving widths.


Nose Guides

Wooden Nose Guides are available as required; glued/taped or bolted.


Common Frame Widths:

  • 190 cm
  • 210 cm
  • 230 cm
  • 280 cm
  • 340 cm
  • 360 cm

Harness Frame Slats



Drive Elements & Rods

Air-Jet/Rapier harness frames are available for any type shedding motion, and with most common types of Driving Elements, including:

  • DRC 1E
  • Staubli DRC 10
  • DRC 2
  • DRC 3
  • Dornier PSL
  • Dornier
  • Tsudakoma/ToyotaDrive Connectors


Heddle Rods

Heddle Rods are available for both C-type and J-type heddles, and are riveted directly to the profile.

Air-Jet "High Speed" Frames

Harness Frame


The Air-Jet “High Speed” harness frame are designed for high weaving speeds on air-jet looms. Made with high strength aluminum that allow profiles to withstand tremendous stress, vibration, and abrasion at very high speeds.

Projectile Frames

The Projectile harness frames are ideal for projectile looms weaving heavy technical textiles and leno. Projectile harness frames are available up to a standard width of 220-inches, and built with high-strength, oxidized aluminum upper profiles, and bottom profiles made from steel tubing. Steel end braces make this frame sturdy and durable even without intermediate supports.

Projectile harness frames are compatible with all drawing-in machines from Staubli, Vega and Reed Chatwood.


  • Strong bottom profiles made from steel tubing
  • Strong end braces made from steel
  • High durability and service life

Water-Jet Frames

Water-Jet harness frames are designed for use on Tsudakoma and Toyota water-jet weaving looms.