High-quality, competitively priced, custom manufactured heddles for rapier, air-jet, and water-jet weaving looms.

In the U.S. weaving industry today, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for heddles. Custom manufactured heddles, specific to the needs of the loom set up and required applications, are critical to the overall quality of the end product and efficiency of the loom. These heddles are engineered to withstand the speed, wear, abrasion, vibration and stress of today’s weaving machines.

Various heddle types are available with a wide choice of finishes, eyes, and carrying rod slots, including:

  • Flat Steel
  • Wire
  • Twin Wire with Inserted Eye
  • Plastic Leno/Doup
  • Selvage with Magnet
  • Jacquard Heddles

Flat Steel Heddles

Flat Steel

Jacquard Heddles

Jacquard Heddles

Wire Heddles


Twin Wire Heddles

Twin Wire Inserted Eye

Plastic Leno Heddles

Leno Device

Drop Wires

Vital to the modern weaving process, drop wires detect warp yarn rupture and enable looms to continue operating while minimizing fabric quality loss.

Made from premium stainless steel strip, our drop wires are de burred and heavily polished to ensure smoothness and to minimize yarn frictions. Available in Open and Closed types for mechanical and electrical warp stop motion. Drop wires are also available in a variety of finishes, and with custom keyholes/notches.