Stansell Industries offers HDPE Sliver Cans for textile spinning operations. Sliver cans are available from 225mm to 1200mm in diameter with a full range of accessories. These sliver cans are made from virgin HDPE sheet, hardened and tempered precision springs, dust and fluff-free casters, standard stainless steel accessories and molded plastic top and bottom covers.


A wide range of color shades are available for our HDPE sliver cans. Other color options are available for bulk quantities more than 500 cans.


Box Type Spring

Anti-rust and heat-treated, our springs are made from high carbon special steel wire that promotes uniform load and movement during operations. Every spring is individually calibrated resulting in longer and consistent use.

A minimal initial load is advised for maintaining desired sliver height, especially for open-end and rotor spinning.

Pantograph Spring

Electro-welded Mild Steel (MS) shutters in crisscross (scissor) shape ensure uniform spring movement and maintains consistent sliver height. For sizes up to 24″ plastic molded covers and from 28″ to 48″, galvanized (GP) covers are used for zero tilting and proper balance of the sliver.

Springs are hardened and tempered to retain original sliver properties.

Caster Wheels

A complete range of casters for sliver cans with a dust-free, fluff-free design is available to promote smooth sliver handling on the floor. DD quality, high pressed zinc coated body ensures a longer life. Wheel options available in both PP (poly propylene) and Nylon 6.

Durable Series

2.0mm, DD quality, prime CRC sheet with PP wheel and 6201 ZZ bearing. Available with different base plate fitting options.

Wheel Diameter 60 60 60
Tread Width 25 25 25
Caster Height 83.5 85 78.5
Plate Size 84 x 70 92 x 60 116 x 60
Hole Distance 61 x 47 73 x 37 80 x 27, 62 x 27
Bolt Hole Dia 9 mm 7 mm 9 mm
Load Capacity 70 kgs 70 kgs 70 kgs

Pioneer Series

2.5mm, DD quality, prime CRC sheet with PP wheel and 6202 ZZ bearing. Available with different base plate fitting options.

Details 2.5″ 2.5″ (U) 3″ 3″ (SLOT)
Wheel Diameter 65 65 80 80
Tread Width 25 25 25 25
Caster Height 84 85 105 105
Plate Size 75 x 87 75 x 87 101 x 85 101 x 85
Hole Distance 74 x 38 63 x 48 74 x 57 80 x 55
Bolt Hole Dia 7 mm 8 mm 8 mm 18 x 9
Load Capacity 75 kgs 75 kgs 120 kgs 120 kgs

Supremo Series

PDC (Pressure Die-Casted)
Aluminum alloy body with nylon wheel for a maintenance-free caster.

Details 65mm 80mm
Wheel Diameter 62 82
Tread Width 27 35
Caster Height 83 130
Plate Size 89 x 74 98 x 82 x 6.5
Hole Distance 68 x 43 74 x 56
Bolt Hole Dia 14.5 x 7.5mm 14.5 x 7.5mm
Load Capacity 80 kgs 130 kgs